Avitop is a plastic thermo active material for finishing of walls, ceilings and metal as well as wooden interior structures, which can considerably reduce your space heating costs.

Who is aviator internal insulation intended for

Avitop internal insulation is a solution for everyone, who wants to reduce their space heating costs considerably without using external insulation systems (e.g. in houses protected as cultural heritage). AVITOP internal insulation is also the ideal solution in the frequent situations, when your neighbours in a panel house refuse to insulate the house as a whole. Application is very easy and it does not reduce the permeability or air permeability of the walls.

Charasteristics of Avitop


AVITOP® is intended for use in interiors as a backfilling thermo active material, which considerably influences thermal comfort inside the room as well as space heating costs thanks to its unique characteristics. In rooms with walls (or internal partition walls) finished with AVITOP, the temperature of the walls is significantly higher at first touch.

AVITOP® can be tinted by water soluble tinting colours of various tones

It forms a high quality finish of walls and ceilings and their colours may match the rest of the furnishing. All of this can be done in a single step without needing any other work which would impair the normal use of the apartment or office. The time demand is similar to conventional paintwork.

AVITOP® is permeable, abrasion resistant and adequately washable

Diffusion resistance against water vapour transmission μ = 65. Equivalent diffusion resistance of 1mm AVITOP layer Sd = 0.065. For 0.5mm layer, Sd = 0.0325mm. This means that AVITOP can also be used for finishing of renovation plasters.

AVITOP® can be re painted by dispersed paints

This means that its colour tone can be adjusted during time as needed. Any layer of material applied over AVITOP’s surface increases its thermal absorptivity; as a result, you need a few more seconds to achieve a warm surface. For renovation and maintenance of AVITOP finished walls, a paint based on the same principle as AVITOP is being developed to ensure the maximum efficiency and lifetime of AVITOP.

AVITOP® eliminates causes of condensation

Practical experience shows that AVITOP eliminates (to certain extent) the problem of condensation at risk spots within the construction, i. e. heat bridges such as lintels, anchoring of beams and metal elements incorporated in constructions, window flanning etc.

AVITOP® offers wide range of applications

It can be applied on any internal surfaces as well as on piping of heating or cooling equipment etc. as it can withstand temperatures up to 250°C. When applied to structures with high thermal conductivity such as sheet metal structures, the effect is considerably increased.

AVITOP® is not harmful to health

The backfilling surface can be smoothed down and painted after it has hardened. It does not smell, it is not harmful to health and it does not emit any chemicals when drying. It does not require using any special protective equipment during preparation and application.

AVITOP®, in contrast to other systems for thermal insulation of buildings, only requires minimum technical equipment.

It reduces interventions to the construction to the lowest necessary level such as renovations or repairs of damaged spots.

Proper application of AVITOP only requires a single worker.